Glass Wired Jar (Size 0.5L to 5L)

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SKU: 1.4921
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We have Eight size available;

Volume: 0.5L

Max. Ø: 10.6cm

Height: 9.8cm

Volume: 0.75L

Max. Ø: 10.6cm

Height: 13.6cm

Volume: 1L

Max. Ø: 10.6cm

Height: 16cm

Volume: 1.5L

Max. Ø: 10.6cm

Height: 22cm

Volume: 2L

Max. Ø: 12.5cm

Height: 21.6cm

Volume: 3L

Max. Ø: 14cm

Height: 24.2cm

Volume: 4L

Max. Ø: 16cm

Height: 28cm

Volume: 5L

Max. Ø: 17.5cm

Height: 28cm

Made in Italy

Volume: 0.5L is 12/ctn
Volume: 0.75L is 12/ctn
Volume: 1L is 12/ctn
Volume: 1.5L is 12/ctn
Volume: 2L is 6/ctn
Volume: 3L is 6/ctn
Volume: 4L is 6/ctn
Volume: 5L is 6/ctn
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