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The Best Restaurant and Bar Products Supplier in HK Shanghai Street,

Operated by Eric and his Teammates in Hong Kong food service business for 20 years. We, exclusively our professionalism in the food service industry in Hong Kong & Macau. With our comprehensive product offer; promising stock level & service oriented sales team, we fulfill all the needs and provide a complete solution to this industry with our expertise.

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  • Glass Jar Wired
  • Knife
  • Bar Caddy Box
  • Risotto Plate
  • JaaBar


      由力哥©及其團隊在香港餐飲業經營了20年 。 我們, 專汪發展香港,澳門的專業優質的餐 飲 配套服務, 加上完善產品配套,多樣的選擇,配合充足庫存來滿足餐 飲 市場上專業需求。


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